Thursday, October 21, 2004

How the Red Sox will lose the World Series

At this point, I don't kno who the Red Sox will play in the World Series. I do know that for all the "momentum" the Sox will be riding, the National League team will counter with the "lack of respect" emotional motivation as I may have been the only person, at least who is not a fan of any of the four Championship Series teams, who preferred watching the Cards-Stros game.

Frankly, I don't believe in emotion winning ballgames, especially over a multiple game series. Maybe Curt Schilling willed himself to be able to pitch Game 6, but whole teams? I don't see it.

My personal opinion is that the Astros will beat the Cardinals tonight. I see Clemens being able to shut down the Cardinals and I expect Phil Garner to unleash the run and gun Astros like he did to take out the Braves.

Regardless, the Red Sox don't have much of a chance and it comes down to pitching. Which Red Sox starter do you have confidence in leading the team to it's first World Series in 86 years? Pedro, now that he got his Daddy off his back? Schill the Gimp? Bronson "Don't call me Brandon, Tim McCarver" Arroyo? Derek Lowe?

I can see Lowe, especially if you're still running around with your head in the clouds after Game 7, but Lowe goes as far as his head takes him. Right now it's a tough call as to which is more fragile, his head or Schilling's ankle. Contrast that pair to the confidence of Brandon "Don't call me Bronson" Backe and the Astros aged power pitcher, Roger Clemens. Add in Oswalt over Pedro. I just cannot see the Red Sox winning.

I do think Manny has to perform better (0 RBI's against the Yankees) and Ortiz has to come down to normal levels a bit (which is still terrifying). Both NL teams have potent lineups as well and I don't think either NL team has a player that makes you cringe when the ball is hit into him in the field (but then again, maybe Manny is channeling the playoff greatness of Lonnie Smith). Mark Bellhorn at second base doesn't instill confidence in me either.

I've avoided addressing the Cardinals rotation for two reasons. One, I don't think they will move on. And two, who understands the Cardinals rotation? They get outs.

Well, welcome to this site. My co-bloggers, who root for the Cardinals and the Red Sox, may have something to say about my initial entry. I expect to have better analyses in the future but I wanted to be on record with my prediction of the Astros in five games over the Red Sox (Munro takes a loss).



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