Thursday, October 28, 2004

Top Ten Reasons why the Red Sox World Series Victory Shouldn't Count

10. Because they won it the New York Yankees way (ka-ching), and certainly no Red Sox fan can tolerate that.
9. The Red Sox reached the World Series because of the Bud Selig-created bastardization of playoff games, the wild-card.
8. No one even talked about thawing out Teddy Ballgame so he could celebrate
7. The effects of the Curse of Pedro's midget haven't kicked in yet
6. Too strange to think of Boston fans going outside this afternoon and saying "Is it me or does the sky look wicked blue today?"
5. No drug test results back from Curt Schilling yet. "Painkillers". Mmmhmm.
4. I don't get teary eyed hearing Orlando Cabrera thanking "Beautiful".
3. Overshadowed the big baseball news last night: Rafael Palmeiro resigned with the Orioles.
2. Because Johnny Damon is starting to think he really is Jesus
1. Because the White Sox deserve one first


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