Sunday, October 30, 2005

Comment spam and The Eck

I was browsing our site, Rex, and saw we had a comment!!! Here it is in its entirety (minus the spammy link):

"The Jarvis Effect
Call it the Jarvis Effect. At an advertising conference today, someone asked me if Jeff Jarvis' recent rants on Dell measurably impacted sales.
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Sonny M.

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I'm sorry that your feelings towards Eckstein have led to this site being considered related to symptoms of depression. I, on the other hand, am giddy that my beloved Padres won the NL West and, oh yeah, THE WHITE SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!

I want to address the shot-putting shortstop of your Cardinals and your disbelief in the number of Win Shares he posted. But I find I cannot. The "problem" with Win Shares is that it is based on the number of games won by a team. Thus, Eckstein edges out Jeter in offensive performance as measured by Win Shares when in reality, there is no aspect of offensive production that Eckstein was better than Jeter in. But this same "flaw" in Win Shares tell us that if not for Eckstein, the Astros could well have won the Central, the Phils taken the Wild Card, and fans would be bemoaning the performance of Cabrera or Renteria or whoever might have been the shortstop who failed to perform as well as Eckstein.

So cheer up! You know he Eckstein cannot possibly match the numbers he put up this year in 2006 so you'll be able to rightfully bemoan him next season!


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