Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome back

I decided today that I was going to write on all my blogs. For some really dumb reason, I keep four blogs. I may rethink that decision since it cuts in on actual writing but sometimes it is nice to put something up for the world (or two people) to view and think about.

I had started a post back in March and just left it regarding the retirement of Kirk Rueter. Rueter was always one of my favorite pitchers. He was one of those guys who did so much with so little. Each year I always derived pleasure from looking at the STATS Major League Handbooks and seeing what goody categories Rueter would lead in. Despite having one of the slowest fastballs in the majors, he would throw it quite often. He never had a trick pitch or even a really above average second pitch. He just hit his spots and did all the little things right. He was excellent at fielding his position and holding runners. He was actually pretty good at the plate, able to sacrifice or get the ball into play better than his pitching brethren.

Mostly, he won. From 1997-2003, a time when Rueter was helping the Giants to four division titles and a World Series appearance, Rueter was 93-59, a .612 winning percentage. In games where Rueter did not get the decision, the Giants were a .566 team.

I'll miss Kirk. He was a special pitcher.


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