Friday, February 17, 2006

Book review #3

Back in review #1 I mentioned how you essentially had two types of regional history. Usually they're done by someone passionate, yet not real talented in research and writing, and the book is a pretty lousy read. The other kind is when you get a writer, often a local sportswriter, who uses his journalistic skills to put together a really nice history.

The Giants of Oshkosh Baseball by Myles Strasser is an example of the latter. Strasser wrote a series of articles for the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper and this book is a compilation of those articles. It covers the history of organized baseball in Oshkosh up until the 1950's when the minor league team, like so many others across the country that fell victim to the multitude of other entertainment options available to people through television and radio, folded.

Through a combination of interviews and solid research, Strasser puts together a lot of good information and narrates it so that it is interesting. No rote re-listing of batting averages or standings. No height and weight statements. Just solid reporting and story-telling. This is a very good history if you can find it.


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